Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Last week I got made to feel like a thief by HMV because they had made mistakes with their pricing of stock but wouldn't admit to it this week it seems they have gone into administration. Coincidence?

I can't say I am surprised after the experience I had last week. It will be a shame if the store goes but if all of the staff are as rude and idiotic as those in the Birkenhead store then they only have themselves to blame.

On another topic, I have to attend another session at Ingeus next Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to it at all. I've been visiting them for about 9 months and have still yet to have any idea what I'm there for. I'm supposed to have an advisor but so far I'm on my third one despite still not knowing what I'm going there for or what I am expected to achieve  All I know is that so far I just get ridiculously stressed out everytime I go there and leave knowing nothing more than when I arrived.


Depression Questionnaire (PHQ9):
Your Depression Score is 24/27

Anxiety Questionnaire (GAD7):
Your Anxiety Score is 21/21

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