Tuesday, 8 January 2013

HMV Agitation

First week of the new year and already been made to feel like a thief. 

I received a HMV gift card for Christmas and thought I'd visit the Birkenhead branch and see if there was anything I wanted. I looked around and found Paloma Faith's Fall To Grace and Apocalyptica's 7th Symphony [CD+DVD edition] stickered with 2 for £10. I thought to myself this is a nice bargain so I picked up a copy of each and took them to the checkout. The tallish slim guy with glasses at the checkout scanned them through and they both went up as 2 for £10. He then looked at the Paloma Faith CD and said this shouldn't be in this offer and started to struggle for a few moments to pick off the sticker which was firmly on. He then asked me to wait whilst he spoke to the manager, an average sized man with rather to much hair spray in his hair as it didn't move at all when he moved. The two men came over and the manager started saying that kids must have swapped stickers off another CD onto the Paloma Faith CD as the sticker peels off easily. He ignored the fact that I told him that the checkout guy had struggled to peel the sticker before he took it to him and also failed to explain why the CD scanned through as being 2 for £10. Instead he spoke to me as though I had done something wrong and then walked away to an oldish staff member with a grey beard and ponytail and glasses and they both proceeded to point and laugh as I walked out of the store empty handed. I returned home feeling rather agitated and stressed and let down by a store that I have always had respect for. No more do I have any respect for HMV or it's staff at the Birkenhead store.

I attended a session at Ingeus today after receiving a text yesterday asking me to turn up 30 minutes later than my scheduled appointment only to find that my adviser wasn't there at all as he was ill. A wasted journey as all that happened was I was given a new appointment and then went home.

A completely wasted and unproductive day. Let's hope this isn't a sign of how the rest of 2013 is going to be.


Depression Questionnaire (PHQ9):
Your Depression Score is 27/27

Anxiety Questionnaire (GAD7):
Your Anxiety Score is 21/21

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